in a white farm house like Jaimie’s. i am watching through the windows.  there is a kid at the end of the driveway, hitting the ground with a stick and pacing.  there is a teenager walking in circles in the yard strewn with leaves.  i go out the side door onto the deck and there […]

i go to the movie theater and watch a film narrated by steven with his boston accent.  it has taken the country by storm and is more of a powerpoint presentation than a movie.  you can purchase worksheets to follow along.  the entire thing is a meditation on a particular plant in bloom.  its petals […]

i had a dream that this guy mike that i work with gave me presents and wrote me a 3 page letter explaining… i don’t know. it started to explain his relationship with his wife but all the pages were stapled top and bottom so i put it away to read later. he said that […]