a knight pulls back the curtain and i know i’m about to be captured.  it’s not a knight in shining armor kind of knight.  more like a zelda stout knight just obeying orders.  they are rounding up all the women and holding them behind walls.  i won’t be one of them.  i have no weapon. […]

Rod and Todd Flanders from The Simpsons have a plan.  they go up to the farmer on his tractor (a normal guy in a natural landscape, not a cartoon like them) and they ask him to help them with their taxes.  they claim it’s just too difficult for them.  the farmer looks at the binder […]

i was searching through the garage for something.  i raised the door and in the driveway was a strange collection of bird hybrids.  i tried to encourage one toward my hand.  it was a pelican-turkey-platypus. and it was so small!  it could have sat in my hand if i had been patient, but i had […]

Dreamed that the entire population lived in a single hotel. We watched our government act out a variety show on tv, listening to the laughter in other rooms. But we knew better. Maureen had brought a weapon. From within a mummified wand she pushed up and out a galatinous blue thing. It solidified in my […]