standing outside looking out at fjords.  everything is tinted green as if i’m looking through darkened windows but i’m not.  it’s very eerie.  my driver approaches and gets in the car without saying anything.  ah, it’s this guy again.  he doesn’t talk much.  i get in the car and the roads are crazy like the […]

We all stayed in a temple. We each had a private room. Each room had an instrument, the same instrument, played from a keyboard. The conference rooms all had keyboard trays you pulled out at your seat so that a room of people could musically collaborate. The instrument itself was huge and took up an […]

dreams of living at the top of a Buddhist temple. i couldn’t find Gracie and was worried that she had run away because of Bandit. i had to keep going further and further down into other people’s living quarters to find her. i encountered a trio of cats the size of wolves and was distracted […]