dreamed i was joining some circle of women as a religious rite but it was more like a shaman circle than a coven.  there was big news that the ancient ones would wear red knit hats to denote their role in the universe.  i had a hat just like it but mine was blue and […]

it’s some sort of pagan commune/vacation home.  there are about a dozen of us.  we have our own dorm rooms and the hallways are tight and dark.  one room enters another realm.  anyone can go in.  once there, you sit on a bed and drink the tea on the nightstand.  it’s hot and sour.  once […]

in my dream last night one of you shouted in disgust “these price nickels just keep getting bigger!” what are price nickels? well they are shoehorns attached to the spines of books, of course! duh. also last night: we lived in this big communal house and rich and some others were visiting. and i was […]