standing outside looking out at fjords.  everything is tinted green as if i’m looking through darkened windows but i’m not.  it’s very eerie.  my driver approaches and gets in the car without saying anything.  ah, it’s this guy again.  he doesn’t talk much.  i get in the car and the roads are crazy like the […]

i am applying for a job at NU. i write to the hiring manager to tell her that I know there is a rumor about something I did but that, if given the time, I can explain how it was better for the organization that I did it.  This pisses off the President who happens […]

in my dream last night one of you shouted in disgust “these price nickels just keep getting bigger!” what are price nickels? well they are shoehorns attached to the spines of books, of course! duh. also last night: we lived in this big communal house and rich and some others were visiting. and i was […]