we’re going to bake a pie or something but first we need to find the required tools: levels, T-squares, wrenches. we have replaced the online stock images for “refugee” with the face of a white man.  if everyone who sees stories of refugees sees a white man as the victim, maybe they’ll do something to help. […]

cleaning up a second floor common area in our dorm/school.  it’s a huge open space with white couches lining the walls. a guy is there and he’s nervous because it’s his first day working for us.  he’s running the before and after school program for local kids.  he asks me how many kids he should […]

Dreamed that my grandma h. assigned essays on the lessons learned from brothers k that we had to write in order to graduate from our Shimer summer camp. But a flood was coming and the chandelier in her trailer was flickering and none of us had prepared for the essay so she told us to […]