i have messages from mo and oona.  they want me to schedule dinners with them when i arrive back in oxford.  at first i’m excited and trying to figure out which day of the week works best.  a man comes delivering newspapers and i see him through the frosted glass of my front door while […]

hiking alone at night over frozen snow.  when i reach my destination (a place where the starlight makes the snow glow blue-white) i look up to see the star in a moonless sky.  i find it easily, burning much brighter than any other star. i see it oscillating up there and remember my history lesson. […]

watching a space mission on a big screen.  it’s a V constellation and Princess Leia is approaching the left top point and someone else (not sure who, a male) is approaching the right top point.  the whole thing is a black background with three white dots for stars and two smaller white dots for astronauts. […]