with friends on the edge of a silent and empty city.  it’s like chicago, but some parallel version of it.  it’s almost time for them to leave and we lament that none of us went for a swim.  so i jump in the canal/river and laugh about how nice it is to swim. but as […]

i dreamed about Weird Al. I worked in a hospital that was a colonial style mansion that was a commune that was an amusement park that was a concert hall. weird al asked me to get vaccination records for Woody (from Toy Story) and his other little toy buddy, Allen. so i went and got […]

part of my dream involved going to the basement of a church where i could speak with Barbara about how her husband is doing since she passed. i told her how he had shared a deck she had drawn – it was a playing card deck drawn to be used as a divination deck. she […]

I dreamed when Gracie was laying next to me of going back to psg because I thought it was starting over again right away but it wasn’t and it was only creepy people there and I gathered huge red apples from around the bonfire pit which was set up with a stick teepee ready to […]

dreamed last night i was camping with a friend at psg and i was saying “if you could just see what i see….” about her husband and she said “just so you know, i’m smart enough to know he’s an asshole and strong enough to leave. i did already.”