hiking alone at night over frozen snow.  when i reach my destination (a place where the starlight makes the snow glow blue-white) i look up to see the star in a moonless sky.  i find it easily, burning much brighter than any other star. i see it oscillating up there and remember my history lesson. […]

living in my last apartment with my suburban upper class generic dream family.  we see a neighbor woman acting a little strange.  she’s wearing a mask and peeking into our windows. we know her, she can come over any time.  and then it appears as if she falls.  she’s super pregnant so I, a teenage […]

last night when i went to see buckethead, he took off his mask. he was trying to figure out some stage directions for himself and he just took it off because, at this point, we know each other in dreamland. his friend (sister?) and a girlfriend were there. his girlfriend left disgusted by something none […]