standing in our front yard at night.  noticing the gray stripes of large snakes taking over the yard. i point them out to a friend and we go inside. trying to clean up our home.  our relationship has reached a level of dysfunction that is visible to all who walk in.  his kid doesn’t even […]

The place was unfinished and dusty but a group of friends were living there already and quite settled.  Every door was shut in the building.  White doors with raw wood frames.  White drywall not yet primed at my sides and bare bulbs above.  At the right bottom corner of every door a place was carved out […]

dreamed that while you were sleeping i scraped a mud mask off of your whole body to let the panic out. it wasn’t as creepy as that sounds. i couldn’t figure out how to work around your locs though so i decided that you would be stuck with mindful caution instead of completely free.