it’s a hospital but it’s also a msytery school.  i’ve been asked to sort through and file magical diagrams. it’s not what i want to be doing, i want to be DOING THE MAGIC. the dog has left the room and so i do the same. i am outside, within the walls of the kingdom, […]

a group of wizards is sitting at a picnic table near route 30.  my friend and i, teenage boys, are there to become apprentices.  he’s scared, but i’m determined to learn all that they know.  the wizards sit in their faded robes and complain that there is not an ashtray. i offer to get them […]

stacks of sleds. students planning a skiing trip.  college kids raiding the freezer of their Mother.  She’s got the head and torso of an egg, humpty dumpty style.  Her abdomen and thighs are curtains tied back, a belt buckle is a disproportionately small window. Her knees and calves are sticks.  Her feet are conjoined mermaid fins. […]

in a classroom loft.  i’m 14 or 15, stuck in some kind of mystery school detention center.  i put my money down carefully on the desk but the bills are picked up by a draft and go over the edge.  I stare down and see that they made it outside and landed next to the […]

sitting on the floor and talking to Mo on the phone.  She tells me, “Promise you won’t use Chaos Magic. You can’t. It’s too risky.  If he takes advantage of it, he’ll use it against you.  Don’t use it. Not even a little of it!” I’ve got my dog in a shoebox I painted black […]

Dreams of living underground. Literally underground. We were an alien/magical race blending in with everyone else when we came out for meetings, breakfast, motorcycle trips. The race had chosen me to lead but did not tell me why. Woke up during a conversation with Michelle Obama. We were agreeing that the problem with today’s society […]