My work building used to be a synagogue. There are still prayer tapestries on the high walls and once a year it fills for worship. Preparations are under way. The second floor is City Hall. It’s packed full of people holding gifts (ragdolls and plush toys, action figures and games), waiting for their favorite celebrity […]

standing on a beach with a nun wearing all white.  she tells me that the woman out in the waves has been crying for me the whole time.  i can see myself in a hospital bed, head wrapped, faced bloodied and beaten, drugged and in a coma.  i’m embarrassed that she has seen me in […]

i dream that a party is happening in my house. people that never cared for me are there. people i don’t know very well but have taken up time in my life anyway are there. my house that i worked for. my house that i have put so much work into. i run around screaming […]