it’s the 19th century.  in our heavy cotton white night gowns i check my sister’s hair and see bugs in it.  if her hair has bugs, then mine does too.  i put her to bed and go look at myself in the mirror.  the lantern behind me makes the mirror dark.  i’m not at all […]

i had a dream that this guy mike that i work with gave me presents and wrote me a 3 page letter explaining… i don’t know. it started to explain his relationship with his wife but all the pages were stapled top and bottom so i put it away to read later. he said that […]

swimming in the ocean. my dad has already taken jaimie skydiving or paragliding or something and something had gone wrong and she was injured/traumatized but mostly ok. then he takes us out into he ocean to this huge tugboat or something. like a big ass yacht but it only has a an open frame and […]