standing in our front yard at night.  noticing the gray stripes of large snakes taking over the yard. i point them out to a friend and we go inside. trying to clean up our home.  our relationship has reached a level of dysfunction that is visible to all who walk in.  his kid doesn’t even […]

Last night I dreamed of an amusement park with animals. There was a path that went along the manmade canal but people weren’t taking it because the fish weren’t there yet. Some father-figure type person told me that if I followed that path at dusk to the ocean, I could see a lightning show over […]

I had a dream of a mouse that was a fish shaped like an ear. Next episode? A psychologist whose entire theory was in the way she spoke to people. It was a tame town when she was out and about. But when she hid herself away, people turned into zombies, but not like dead […]