i am a man who has recently discovered the ability to hop across time.  i’ve only done it once, but surely that must be what happened.  i’m in the future.  in some sort of warehouse.  i’m talking to a man i came upon as i was getting my bearings.  he is friendly and upbeat at […]

talking to a friend in my living room while my husband dries off after a shower in the bathroom.  i need to get something in there so i squeeze past him as he’s wrapping the towel around his waist, reach for the item and return to the living room without shutting the door.  i wonder […]

we go into the basement.  there are two staircases, perfectly aligned and next to each other, but the steps of the outside case are a good 2 feet below the steps of the case that follows the wall.  sandy hops from one narrow case to the next like it’s nothing. there is no railing. when […]