My work building used to be a synagogue. There are still prayer tapestries on the high walls and once a year it fills for worship. Preparations are under way. The second floor is City Hall. It’s packed full of people holding gifts (ragdolls and plush toys, action figures and games), waiting for their favorite celebrity […]

standing in our front yard at night.  noticing the gray stripes of large snakes taking over the yard. i point them out to a friend and we go inside. trying to clean up our home.  our relationship has reached a level of dysfunction that is visible to all who walk in.  his kid doesn’t even […]

last night i dreamed that a man had three daughters but he split their dna and matched it with groundhog dna so his daughters were regular groundhogs with human thoughts and emotions. but they couldn’t talk so there were also three girls their age that held microphones and spoke for them. and i think i […]