some kind of fair or block party.  there is a xeroxed giant bee floating in the sky and a sign saying to watch for the doofus dad.  people bring lawn chairs to watch.  sure enough, as a crowd runs away toward the parking lot, a man in a fishing hat carrying chairs and a cooler […]

we were packing.  there were folded blankets being put in layla’s SUV. she had the back seats folded down.  we were trying to get away so we could smoke without being seen.  jaimie and taira followed us and jumped into the van right before we were ready to leave. layla looked at me for a […]

i went back in time…  to the early 80’s.  but everyone was the age they are now.  and we all knew each other as we know each other now. but i was the only one that had seen the future. we were volunteering at a church to take the community census.  sandy and her kids […]