We all stayed in a temple. We each had a private room. Each room had an instrument, the same instrument, played from a keyboard. The conference rooms all had keyboard trays you pulled out at your seat so that a room of people could musically collaborate. The instrument itself was huge and took up an […]

dreamed of cats. and my wedding. and mexico. and bus rides. and the gift of an incense burner shaped like a cigarette holder. it was beautiful. i was selling the statue of liberty’s hand. and a stolen collection of hitler photos. and trying to convince someone to rent a 4ft indoor tree in an office […]

i had a dream that i was standing in a field beaten down into dust and patches of thin grass and watching colonial era soldiers ready to fight but waiting for the cue from our present politicians and finally one of them stopped and looked back at the trucks parked nearby from spectators and he […]

1. dreamt that my log in the fire would “howl in the night” and tell me the future. Seth’s howled too and he could talk to it also even though he was decapitated. i thought this was impressive. 2. We are on a bus going to some place awesome. Where that is, what concert it […]