i am living with a group of girls that hate me.  they are so snotty and awful and i just try to avoid confrontation and go to school for veterinary medicine then come home and go to my room.  these girls are ruthless.  getting by them without some sort of insults or pranks is nearly […]

we were packing.  there were folded blankets being put in layla’s SUV. she had the back seats folded down.  we were trying to get away so we could smoke without being seen.  jaimie and taira followed us and jumped into the van right before we were ready to leave. layla looked at me for a […]

we are in a pickup truck and pulling a camper behind us.  we’re going to visit his family but i’m not sure why i have agreed to come.  i didn’t think we would be going all the way, i guess.  we stop and visit friends along the way, sometimes they join us.  we have a […]