i am at work. my boss is asking me to change a meeting location to something like an arena.  for 30 people. it’s ridiculous. i’m not doing AV for them at a freaking arena. and i already have so much work to do.  i am sick of this fan blowing in my face! i turn […]

dreamed i was joining some circle of women as a religious rite but it was more like a shaman circle than a coven.  there was big news that the ancient ones would wear red knit hats to denote their role in the universe.  i had a hat just like it but mine was blue and […]

So many dreams. Mashed potato and gravy skeeball in an interstate oasis. Babies who steal vodka to put in their juice. Being told by my dad that I’m rude for reading a paper instead of watching a movie. (But being told with large print subtitles on the tv screen.) The evolution of sex which came […]