In a 50s style Dairy Queen.  Waiting 3 hours for a chocolate shake and flipping out at the servers.  Finally getting my shake and it’s warm, dark liquid. In a sitting room crowded with furniture and books.  I open a coffee table book. The pages are thick and coated like wallpaper samples.  Some drawings are […]

it’s some sort of pagan commune/vacation home.  there are about a dozen of us.  we have our own dorm rooms and the hallways are tight and dark.  one room enters another realm.  anyone can go in.  once there, you sit on a bed and drink the tea on the nightstand.  it’s hot and sour.  once […]

Dreams of living underground. Literally underground. We were an alien/magical race blending in with everyone else when we came out for meetings, breakfast, motorcycle trips. The race had chosen me to lead but did not tell me why. Woke up during a conversation with Michelle Obama. We were agreeing that the problem with today’s society […]