it’s a hospital but it’s also a msytery school.  i’ve been asked to sort through and file magical diagrams. it’s not what i want to be doing, i want to be DOING THE MAGIC. the dog has left the room and so i do the same. i am outside, within the walls of the kingdom, […]

Inside the tall building that is a hospital and a school and a shopping center.  I am following Mario World’s Star Road.  Next stop is the 6th floor.  The hallways are full of water.  We have to bail with buckets to get the elevator to come to us.  On the 6th floor I strip and […]

dreams of crystals surrounding a home, looking for the one with memory. finding explosives and stealing them before reporting it. a crack running through a sidewalk as i sat near the home entrance. inside the coffee table is a display case. someone decides the cat in costume on the left isn’t wanted. my mom takes […]