In a gas station running errands for someone that I don’t want to be doing things for.  I’m holding a jug of juice and a packet of tobacco when I hear the clerk say that some idiot just bought a case of that low-quality tobacco.  I know that it must have been the same person […]

in my apartment that i have now, but it’s much larger and near the top of a skyscraper.  the lights flicker and we hear sirens.  it’s a tornado warning.  i look outside and see three funnels from the same cloud.  they’re spindly and far away.  i think we’re not in danger but then i seen […]

watching a space mission on a big screen.  it’s a V constellation and Princess Leia is approaching the left top point and someone else (not sure who, a male) is approaching the right top point.  the whole thing is a black background with three white dots for stars and two smaller white dots for astronauts. […]

Dreamed of finding money in 3s. $3 bill, $30 bill, and a $300 bill. Spent 30 minutes in bed debating what to do with it before I realized I was awake and the money was only a dream. Oh well. It’s still breakfast time so I’m not too disappointed.

a man in a suit is preaching in the streets. he tells us, people who want a revolution do not wait for one voice, people who have something of importance to share express themselves everywhere, no man is more important to another. at his feet i see asphalt but i imagine it covered in chalk […]