In Mo’s house.  It’s flooding because she’s missing a wall and the waves are crashing in.  I get an urgent message from my agent.  I need to come back. Someone is trying to blackmail me with nude pics.  I don’t panic, but I am angry. I can’t think of anyone who would have nude pics unless they took them without me knowing.  I have to get back down there but I can’t. How do you leave the astral plane again? I take a large wave and nail it to Mo’s walls. There is still a small tide ebbing and flowing underneath it, but more importantly, if someone on the earth plane can figure out the negative space between the wave and the ceiling, I’ll be rescued.  I apologize to Mo for putting huge nails in the wall.  She shrugs and reminds me that place isn’t real and that if it were I wouldn’t be able to nail water to drywall.  Good point. Moments later my mom crashes through the house in her car. She’s here to get me.
In a desert, winding through walkways along the outside of a pyramid.  I see Sam turn a corner and run after him.  He’ll know how to help me. He sees that I’m after him and starts up steps. I catch up but he doesn’t stop.  We are feet apart and facing each other, climbing sideways up the side of a pyramid.  It’s exhausting and the steps are getting taller so I have to pull myself up with my elbows.  But I make it.  When I get to the top there is a suncatcher on the floor.  I pick it up and begin folding the squares and rectangles at their hinges.  If I can fold it just right we can calculate the space not taken up by the spiral-wave and I can rescue myself back at Mo’s. Sam tells me to stop.  He’s already figured it out. I left enough hints for him. This, right now, is real.