i’ve been staying up too late and eating junk so i’m surprised when the coach says i can leave the house to rent a movie. we need something new and funny or gross. we’ve all been working hard in that house and i haven’t been fighting with anyone at all.  it’s not easy.
but soon after we leave the school the coach rings up a witch.  he tells her that he has a student who is ready for his test. i’m nervous but ready for the challenge. i have been talking like i could level up but no one has given me the opportunity to do it until now. we go into a warehouse and stop in an empty second floor. the witch appears. her skin and hair and lips are black. even the whites of her eyes are black. she splits into hundreds of black creatures with huge red lips for a second and then becomes whole again.  i stand there relaxed and sensing all in my teal tank top, shorts, and bare feet. she addresses me by name. “Charles, your test today will be to slice me in half. it won’t be easy. do you think you are up to the challe–”
while she was talking i threw my sword. it struck her head and split her face and was slicing through the rest of her thanks to gravity and a sharp blade. my coach laughs heartily behind me.  he tells the witch that she had named the challenge and so it was fair.  she couldn’t be mad as witches never play fair and she had no plans to so i had to make a move when i had the advantage.
i hope we can pick up that movie on the way home.