we’re trying our best to be a community after the end of the world.  i’ve just returned with my finds of the day to add to our library of useful things to be borrowed by community members as needed.  i’m proud of what i’ve brought back today.  every little bit helps and i know my neighbors will be grateful.  i’ve got an alphabet game for the kiddos and microfiber towels that are almost still clean. i place them on the 2×4 shelves and record them in the log.
floating in a river with my girlfriend. going down on her under the sun as the current takes us away on an inflatable raft. she tells me later that my brother will be mad. he doesn’t like that i’m wither her and any of the lookouts may have seen us.  i know. but i don’t care. he also knows i’m a hard worker and smarter than him. he needs me. he’ll welcome me back.
my brother needs me to fix a door.  i’m disgusted with their attempt to hang it and i don’t know why they didn’t just ask me to do it in the first place.  it’s obviously missing a hinge and it’s tilting out at the top.  i lift it up and push the bottom so that it’s aligned.  i look at the parts they’ve left me to install it properly.  there’s a white aluminum panel. it’s identical to the panels it already has. it’s not missing any. i stare at what i’ve been left again. it’s all the wrong parts.  i’ll have to go out and scavenge for what is needed.