it’s a hospital but it’s also a msytery school.  i’ve been asked to sort through and file magical diagrams. it’s not what i want to be doing, i want to be DOING THE MAGIC. the dog has left the room and so i do the same.
i am outside, within the walls of the kingdom, the dirt roads are bustling. three crones are twirling in silk robes (one in pink, one in blue, one in gold) and making it difficult for the soldiers to get by. i become one of them. i fawn over the soldiers, i beg to know that our king is well, i yearn to hear any news at all. the soldiers tell me that he is safe and resting on the 6th floor. i know where to go now.
i am the dog. in the darkness i find the black and white child. she is facing a negative version of herself. i go into her mind. BLOW IT UP. she fills it with everything she has, but there is no force behind it. DON’T JUST FILL IT UP. MAKE IT EXPLODE. the giant black inflated thing in front of us bursts. it’s over.
the Guardian, unseen in the darkness, echoes down to us, “you actually did it.”
i did. i, the dog-child, put my hands to my face. “i did do it. but i don’t know what i’ve done to my mind.”
i rise up, a giant gold egyptian statue of person with a basset hound face. i say, in Droopy’s voice, “I AM A GOD.”
back in the hospital-school i am visiting my older sister who is sleeping in a hospital bed.  a soldier bursts in. he is ecstatic and jumps into my arms. the whole kingdom is celebrating. i hold this grown man like a child on my hip. he tells me that he loves my sister. he tells me that he doesn’t know exactly what she did but she did something, he knows it. he tells me that the people on the 4th and 6th floors have been repeating the same lessons over and over, basically flunkies. but now that the curse is broken everyone can move on with their lives. i thank him and tell him that my sister needs to rest but i’ll be sure to let her know that he stopped by. he is giddy and grateful and i close the door after setting him down in the hallway.
i turn back to my groggy sister. “he doesn’t know what happened, but i think you have a new puppy.”