my mom tells me that she has talked to the managers and i can have the space i choose.  i am given a list of available apartments and i choose the 47th floor without even looking at the place first.  when i move in it is a huge carpeted place.  i dance around in the dark with the skyline lit up outside.  later i’m returning but i can’t remember which door is mine.  was it 201?  i think that’s it, but one is mine and one is weird al’s.  i hope i don’t walk in on him.

i’m an older woman dating a rich man who is generally uninteresting.  to be fair, he doesn’t seem very interested in me either.  he orders plates and plates of seafood that i don’t touch.  when robert de niro walks in he tries to end the date early and send me home because a very rich friend has entered that he needs to catch up with.  no chance in hell am i leaving. things are finally getting interesting! robert sits with us and starts eating from the center plates on our table.  i give him my appetizer plate because it’s cleaner than the one he has started with.  later i take a stack of clean plates from the waitstaff and pass them out to the two men who seem surprised i’m still there and that i’m useful.  finally they look at me and see me.

i am an 8 year old migrant child.  my cousin is with me.  we’ve traveled so far, he’s like my brother. we will always be there for the other. when the adults are fighting and crying over our situation we press our cheeks together and dangle our feet in the warm water.  but now we have made it to our destination and there is a new baby.  i have a real brother now. my cousin and i are being separated.  i want to stay with him but i know it won’t be allowed.

i work for a medical group.  we have a program that works from anywhere.  it allows physicians and office managers to get stats on their practice. but the best part is that it won’t let anyone reschedule patients unnecessarily.  when a doctor tries to reschedule a patient’s cancer treatment for yoga or a round of golf, it blocks the request and sends an alert to both the management team and the patient.