In an abandoned History/Art museum with a friend.  Telling her she has to see the Chicago room where it’s Union Station windows and a large dark painting of cherub-style pub life.
Staying in a new apartment building that houses students. Taking a bath and noticing a gap in the wall where I can see through and watch two women and two men naked, chatting and laughing with ease.  At first I was worried they could see me naked but instead I just watch them. I sing along cheerily to the top alternative-country song on the radio: ♪ ♫ You can be an astronaut, a violinist or a terror plot ♪ ♫
Sitting on the floor naked, a moment of awkwardness when a neighbor walks in.  I hadn’t realized that we share a door. We laugh about it and she shows me a sliding privacy door tucked into the wall.
Walking home at night in the rain I see a man in a black trench coat walking a black puppy with a thick pink leash.  It’s adorable, so much like Hannah when she was teeny but a different breed. Later I am outside of my home and she walks up to me, her leash trailing.  I take the leash off and drop it in the gutter.  She’s mine now.
Watching tv and playing with the puppy in our family’s home – a place I’ve never lived in during real or dreamed life. The carpet is cheap blue worn over farmhouse cement. My mom tells me that the dog is cute but she is peeing everywhere. She tells me that she has peed on my museum map and that gets my attention.  I take it from her along with an upside down milk carton in a bowl. I’m careful not to spill urine. This isn’t good, we can’t afford new things.
I take the puppy to my previous apartment where I know they have a yard. I think that if I let her run around there someone will see her and know who her owner is. The yard has older people sitting on a bench.  New tenants, I suppose.  I say hello to them and they do the same in return.  This place feels strange. Ancient. There are toddlers playing by the fire pit. They are spinning and jumping over staffs like black belt fighters. The puppy and their dog seem to get along.