Inside the tall building that is a hospital and a school and a shopping center.  I am following Mario World’s Star Road.  Next stop is the 6th floor.  The hallways are full of water.  We have to bail with buckets to get the elevator to come to us.  On the 6th floor I strip and sink into a large white tub.  I wait there until a past partner arrives.  He’s thin and young and eager.  I tell him to join me.  He says he can’t believe it and I can see it’s true.  The whole room is dreamy with steam.  He climbs in and slips inside me easily. I know immediately that this is will not satisfy me but it satisfies him and I get close. For true release I must go to the 19th floor, to see the flame of the final star. Every night the city is completely dark except the orange flame of the star seen through the building’s top windows. I go there and see the Frater in his robe.  I don’t want to participate in the Gnostic Mass, but I do want to be alone with the star. I watch the other Thelemites gather and joke and laugh easily. I pace and wait for their ritual to be over so that I can have my time standing in front of the star’s light.