We’re in some sort of pagan community.  My little sister is there.  It’s half campground and half abandoned neighborhood.  Some of the homes are under water in a flooded valley where we want to swim. My sister wants to go swimming while the radio station is broadcasting from the water.  I’m excited to show off my new bikini and go into one of the abandoned homes to change in front of a mirror.  I have large maple-like leaves that have sprouted from long stems on various parts of my body.  my right breast, the inward curve of my waist, my left forearm…. It’s more than I expected.  I also have a twist of amber hairs like weed pistils or corn silk next to the leaves on my breast.  I have a straight razor.  I’m considering what to do.  If I go out there like this, they’ll think I’m unclean. But after cutting off one stem (which does not hurt at all), I decide they’re beautiful and keep them.  I move to the back of the house into another bathroom that doesn’t have a mirror and change.