i am a man who has recently discovered the ability to hop across time.  i’ve only done it once, but surely that must be what happened.  i’m in the future.  in some sort of warehouse.  i’m talking to a man i came upon as i was getting my bearings.  he is friendly and upbeat at his (our) workplace where welding is happening.  i tell him that it will sound crazy, but i’m from the past.  i’m not sure how far into the past, however. he is not fazed and tells me, “well if you think that’s cool, check this out!” and in a blink he becomes a metal ball the size of my fist.  I can still hear his voice as if he’s next to me.  as he rolls away, i follow him.  he stops in front of a mirror that must be like a monitor.  it shifts to show us a wall of lava approaching.  we are both in awe of the beauty and destruction.  i don’t quite understand what it is he’s showing me.  is this happening now?  are we looking into another place? are we watching the news? then i see it begin, the lava spilling out over the frame onto the dirty factory floor.  what looked to be a slow motion crawl of lava in the mirror will swallow us before we have a chance to run.  it’s already almost to my new friend, a helpless ball on the floor crying out.  he’s knows we’re goners.  i throw myself to the ground and curl my fingers over my friend. i shout into the universe “Please god! let it work this time!”
a pop.
we’re standing in a bedroom.  clearly we are in the 70’s.  my stranger-friend is no longer a metal ball.  he is tall, his dark hair permed just like my blonde hair, we’re dressed similarly in high tight jeans with thick belts and plaid shirts.  and he’s kissing me as i lean back against a dresser.  the long deep kiss is out of gratitude, yes, but with passion too.  we separate and lay on our backs on the bed, not touching or saying a word.  children burst through the door, say something to us, grab something from the room, and leave again.  we have no idea where we are, what our presumed role is, or who the other might be.  but i smile.  i’m definitely getting laid soon.