war planes in the sky.  too many bunched together, helicopters too.  there is a collision.  a helicopter crashes into a neighbor’s home.  my dad rushes up to rescue the pilot and start first aid.  the planes clear out but another craft floats by soundlessly.  an alien craft.  diamonds of wavy stained glass in vibrant colors, wired together like a gigantic rubik’s folding puzzle.  my mother and i shade our eyes in our yard and watch it float over us.

my mother in a home we’ve never lived in.  on the phone with a school in kentucky that she’s sending me to.  it is a huge opportunity.  they’re telling her she hasn’t filled out all the forms needed and she’s frustrated because she can’t find the form they’re talking about.  they need her to fill out the happy form. it’s nowhere to be found.

jamming huge old lead nails into bark and tying them to sticks.  i’ve created deadly arrows.  i shoot one at the kids across the ravine.  it goes deep into a boy’s belly and he falls over.  no one really seems to care.  denise is waving and telling me she can’t believe 80’s kiefer sutherland is here! she’s staying on that side because that’s where he is.  i know it’s just a play, that it’s his turn to say that the fighting needs to end and to join my cause.  but he’s too busy soaking in the adoration of fans to say his lines.  i tell her i’m fighting against cancer, nock another arrow, squint against the sun, and pull the bowstring taut.