In a 50s style Dairy Queen.  Waiting 3 hours for a chocolate shake and flipping out at the servers.  Finally getting my shake and it’s warm, dark liquid.

In a sitting room crowded with furniture and books.  I open a coffee table book. The pages are thick and coated like wallpaper samples.  Some drawings are Lovecraftian, some have aliens and symbols, one section of the book is full-page illustrations of individual pastry roll slices.

I am a male bird of prey, large and pure black.  One of the 4 eggs I’m warming is beginning to hatch.

Sitting in my grandmother’s dining room packed with toys, newspapers, computers, junk.  We are waiting for a movie to play on one of the ancient screens.  My cousins joke that it’s going to be porn and run away giggling.  I settle deeper into my chair.