I’m walking downhill to go to the bank.  I have to get there before they close so that I’m ready to leave the country.  I’ve won a scholarship to spend a year on the Blue Isle in a place called M_______ M_____ (even in the dream I could not remember the name long enough to pronounce it).  It looks like Switzerland but in a small mountainous island form, complete with gingerbread houses and candy cane poles.  I can’t wait to go.  As I’m approaching the bank I notice that my ex is nearby.  I have to get in and out without him noticing me.  While I’m waiting in line, my breasts start to grow and the to buttons of my t-shirt pop. I can’t help it.  It’s a side effect of my headache medication.  I just hope it doesn’t attract my ex’s attention.  When I finish at the bank, I go outside where I meet Sandy.  Her parents are walking toward us with D, but he’s a baby just beginning to walk, not 10.  She’s teary with love for him.  I notice a man in a trench coat looking at me.  He motions with his head for me to follow him into a dark room.  He looks like a cross between Bill Laswell and Obi-Wan.  He asks me if I’ve ever heard of a place called M_______ M_____ and I tell him excitedly that I’m going there.  I pull out a postcard advertising it and he nods.  He pulls two books out of his coat and hands them to me.  He tells me that he was meant to deliver them to me.  They’re two copies of the same book, a memoir of a man’s time at M_______ M_____.  It’s a place full of mystery apparently and it will be of use to study the words in the memoir.  One book is a clean reading copy.  The other is stained with grease and is full of underlining and notes from the author.  When I open that stained copy, I recognize the inky waves under important passages as my own.