Planning on sneaking into a high class party that we’re not invited to.  Possibly to scam someone, possibly just to pretend we belong.  I don’t have anything to wear but Molly offers me a dress.  It’s packaged like a barbie doll, a red silky thing with spaghetti straps in a clear plastic box.  i tell her i don’t think it suits me.  we’re completely different shapes and if i stretch it out i can’t afford to pay her back for it.  she tells me it’s cheap, only 65 pounds and it’s meant to stretch.  she tells me if i ruin it, my dad can pay for it. i tell her i don’t have a bra for it.  my tits are way bigger than hers and those straps aren’t going to support them.  she says it will be fine, just go without a bra.  i don’t really have any other options.
walking across a manicured lawn at night.  there is a huge gym mat half the size of a football field across it and a tiny baby bouncing and flipping on it as if it were being slammed down repeatedly.  a woman screams for her child behind me.  i run to the baby and pick him up.  he looks only days old and is wrapped in a blanket.  i consider keeping him for just a second, he feels so nice to hold, but i turn and give him to his mother who is running up behind me.  she cries her thanks and kisses him repeatedly.  he turns to me and tells me clearly that i screwed it up for him.  i should have let him go.  why did i have to ruin it all and give him back? He was perfectly fine on his own.
at a cafeteria where they have stolen a rival cafeteria’s special and are serving it as their own.  the service is slow and the lunch crowd is getting antsy.  someone from the rival cafeteria is there to buy this knock-off and compare it to theirs.  it can’t possibly be as good.
i just want buffalo fries.