Andrea has moved to a new apartment.  It’s several flights up and has a view of the Lake.  I don’t know what to say to her, we’re all supposed to send her something.  So I send clip art of a red house with a blue roof hopping away toward water and a happy green tree waving.
In my sister’s van.  Jon is holding the door open for me to get out.  The van is absolutely trashed, junk everywhere.  When exiting from the back seat through the front passenger door, I spot a social security card on the ground.  It’s damp and torn and dirty but I can still read the name.  David Wachovsky.  I show the card to Jon.  He reads it too and shrugs as if he doesn’t know how it got there but I suspect he does know.  I put it back on the floor.
Inside their house my sister is creating some new craft project.  The walls are covered in her work.  One is a pink pig made from construction paper that says “US HIGHWAY SYSTEM.” One piece high up on the wall looks like two stick figures, possibly jointed candles with flames. it’s done with crayon, carefully colored splotches of pastel colors.  My sister explains: The image on the right is Jon as his former untrustworthy, unclean self. The image on the left is who he is now, letting his light shine despite his terrible timing.
I look at Jon wondering how he could let himself be insulted like that.  He’s always been a good person.  He looks down sheepishly, completely submissive to her.  She talks and holds herself as if she’s specifically chosen to do God’s work and everyone is inferior to her righteousness.
She disgusts me.