i have to go to New York to work on a film.  I’m flying into New Jersey and then I have to take a train to the city and then a cab to the location.  I’ve sent my laptop and things ahead with a friend who is one of the producers.  I’m on the plane talking to a coworker and she tells me that they’ve got some great shots already.  Oh yeah? i ask her.  She turns her laptop so I can see what they’ve been working on.  My friend and his boyfriend are laughing and making out.  I knew part of this trip was a getaway for them.  I don’t care.  I’m interested in what they’ve got for me to work with.  The scenes become underwater shots as the two of them drunkenly swing around and drop things carelessly into the canal that they are swimming in.  Oh my god, they’ve dropped their phones in the water! we laugh.  As long as it’s not my stuff they are disrespecting, I don’t care.  They’ll pay for their own mistakes.  But then I spot my chromebook flipping as it sinks in the water and I am furious.  I work hard for what I have and don’t make great money for it.  How dare they.  It’s a personal attack on me to treat my things, my WORK, like that. When we get to the airport I don’t leave.  I stay right there and I get back in line.  I argue with airline reps in their green blazers.  How are there only two for the entire airport? I get through the security checkpoint quickly enough, but I still don’t have a ticket so I have to go back and get in line again. This is ridiculous and I’m getting hot.  My business suit feels extra constrictive under my jacket and I loosen the zipper. I just need to get back to Chicago.  I want to exchange the two future flights I have with them for one flight home.  I’ll pay if i have to. Why is that so difficult????