standing outside looking out at fjords.  everything is tinted green as if i’m looking through darkened windows but i’m not.  it’s very eerie.  my driver approaches and gets in the car without saying anything.  ah, it’s this guy again.  he doesn’t talk much.  i get in the car and the roads are crazy like the last time he took me somewhere.  tight curves, soft shoulders, planks and logs in the way.  but i trust him.  before we get to my destination he stops.  we (there are more of us in the car now) get out and look around.  he can’t go any farther, we realize.  the place is flooded.  we wade through in our swim suits and go inside a building.  it’s as far as we’ll get for the foreseeable future. there’s a pool table in there. the place is a big old barn with tile floors. the walls are yellow, the trim is red.  i notice an unpainted small door in the wall.  i open it up realizing that i could flood the whole place, but it opens to dry land.  i tell my travel companions that we don’t have to miss our next destination, i found a way.  we all crawl through the door and stand on gravel looking out.  in the distance we can see wooden gateways like temples in the mist.  it’s not close, but walking there is better than staying in here.