i go through an asian hotel.  it has dozens of restaurants.  i sample a few of them.  i talk to a waitress who is glad to have someone who can speak english.  the place is gigantic with spa treatments and luxury entertainment rooms.  it’s a place people go so they don’t have to leave for anything. i am polite and compliment the dishes.  i tell them i am writing a review in a magazine.  i get excellent service everywhere.  when i leave i go to the parking garage and enter one car.  we park it and wait for a second to pick us up.  2 officers stop us.  my male companion explains that he is simply my escort, waiting on our driver.  i look wealthy and composed, i greet them sweetly in their language, appearing to be the shy, submissive type.  they let us pass.  when we get to our shack of a home i toss the box down.  the necklace is all over the news.  how could it have been stolen?  it’s worth millions. already the designer is working on a duplicate piece but with glass instead of sapphires. jet asks me about the man who accompanied me while holding the necklace up.  i tell him he was fine.  behaved himself even if he didn’t want to.  tell him his friend sean is around.  he seemed to not want jet to know that.  jet grunts and pulls a drag from his cigarette.  says sean goes by another name usually (gonzo?) but that the kid only brings trouble.  my job is complete and the payday should be huge.  i decide to lay low for a few days until the theft story dies down.  the streets are dusty.  there’s a carnival happening.  maybe i’ll go check it out.