i move into a different apartment. this one is in a high-rise. in the hallway going to the elevator i see amanda.  she’s calling for help because a man is in her apartment in the same building.  she says she was trying to be nice but he won’t leave and she doesn’t want to be raped.  i go to my new apartment.  the landlord’s son gives me my lease and i sign it.  it’s a nice place with a good view of the neighborhood, carpeted, and a little small.  before leaving he notices hannah.  he tells me that the dog will increase my rent every month.  i’m disappointed.  they already knew i had a dog.  he says there will be more paperwork to sign next week because of this.  i don’t want to pay more.  i’m flattered that my application was accepted and i could move into this posh place, but i really would rather spend my money on other things or not at all.  i write a note asking to be let out of the lease.  i look for another, cheaper, apartment in waukegan.  it’s a big step to move there again and i’ll lose a lot of conveniences.  but i think i’m ready.  i go to a bar where they are having a product launch and an art exhibition at once in the basement.  i camouflage my way onto a marketing team but it doesn’t interest me and i leave. i find a house for rent that i can afford.  i move in.  mo helps me and we sit on my couch and face the tv.  a coworker is there.  i tell her that it’s great mo has helped, she’s really done a ton of work, but she put all of the furniture the way it was in the apartment i shared with my ex.  the whole place is laid out like that apartment.  what’s the point of moving if everything stays the same?  i’m handed a juicy sausage on a fork that’s already been bitten into.  i almost take a bite before i realize what i’m doing.  i don’t eat meat. this isn’t what i want.  why did i accept it? i hand it back.