a knight pulls back the curtain and i know i’m about to be captured.  it’s not a knight in shining armor kind of knight.  more like a zelda stout knight just obeying orders.  they are rounding up all the women and holding them behind walls.  i won’t be one of them.  i have no weapon.  so i scream.  i scream all my rage and disloyalty at him expecting the power to burst forth but instead it splits my back into wings and i become a white dragon.  i pull my apprentice with me and we fly out past the center of the village.  i’m not used to flying and not really made for it.  my wings aren’t all that big.  i find a house far away from the patrolling knights and land on the roof.  there is a door leading into their attic.  my apprentice is apprehensive.  a dog is barking behind it.  what if they open the door?  they won’t, i tell him.  i turn into a fox and curl up against the door, where heat is seeping out.  we’ll sleep here tonight.
at a hospital. i’m part of a jazzercise class.  they are handing out scarves, red or green, to mark which level you are at.  i am already wearing my red scarf around my ankle.  a woman is there, they are giving her a green scarf.  i can see through the crowd that she doesn’t understand why she needs it.  she’s already in the right place. i look to my side where she had originally been and see that she has left her cane and realize that she’s blind.  when i pick it up, the center section is a green jewel.  it’s more than a cane.  it’s a wand.  this woman could teach me so much.  when i go to find her she has been led away by nurses already.  i carry her wand through the hospital, hoping to find her again.