standing on stone steps in a city that feels like it is indoors.  there is water running down the steps in a slow shallow waterfall, smooth as glass it diverts around my sneakers. they say the city is moving.  they have to.  it’s too wet.  i think this is ridiculous.  the green planes atop the mountains aren’t wet.  even the low park is relatively dry.  can’t they redirect the water somehow?  it can’t really be that bad. but they are set in their decision.
sitting at a picnic table next to a friend.  i show her a bird that someone gave to me. it’s a tiny little cerulean rag thing that they made.  it looks like the toy mice i used to give to gracie.  it even has a long tail which my friend yanks and pulls off.  it falls to the ground behind us.  “why did you do that?!” i ask, hurt by her actions.  i lean back and pick up the tail, but now it is not cloth strip, it’s woven branches with a bulbish lantern cage formed from wicker on one end.  that must be the heart.  i fit it inside my bird which is now a beautiful large wicker thing.  at the base of the new bird’s tail are full red buds on the verge of blooming. they will be a perfect root chakra.
at a hostel which is the north ave dorm.  i can see into other apartments but i can’t get my door to open.  i’ve got the wrong keys.  i need the keys to my current apartment but i’ve only got shimer keys and keys to older homes on my key ring. i am utterly confused.  i threw out these keys weeks ago.  my neighbor is a large gruff man. he tries to pop the lock on the white door but the deadbolt is in place.  he tells me there’s no way to get in unless i find the right key.  i check all my pockets again.  did i somehow lock it inside?