I’m being dragged into a building much like my apartment building by emergency personnel.  and i am livid.  i kick and scream and convince them i am fine on my own, i can leave.  i walk to the hospital and yell at the physicians.  i tell them that their staff are out of control and that someone is going to get hurt.  the whole town is on edge, waiting for catastrophe.  i walk around at night and find an open kiosk by a parking garage.  i want to buy a newspaper to learn more about what is going on but i only have euros in my pocket.  i read what i can for free without getting caught and eavesdrop on a conversation.  a great flood is coming.  the only safe space is the building i was being dragged into earlier.  they’re going to saw it off from the land it’s on so that it can float away.  the rest of the city is doomed.  i run and get my sister.  i tell her thee is no time to pack.  we get in the building just as the huge land saws are starting up.