Listening in on a phone call my boss is having on speaker.  I’m annoyed by and embarrassed by her behavior.  She is calling her son’s friends to tell them he has to be on a conference call with a potential employer or something. Molly is on the other end, being business polite but i know her well enough to hear what she must be thinking.  When she finishes with Molly she stays on the line and yells a message to someone who must have hung up on a 3-way call.  Telling them to accept her message and to have her son call her when he can.  She’s so controlling and enmeshed i can’t stand her.
At a ball, we recognize our targets.  But we also know one of the guests.  They’ll recognize us and blow our cover.  I excuse myself.
Walking downtown between skyscrapers.  I pass a family with a stroller and a child of about 4 years old.  The sidewalk has 4ft high gold and scarlet sequined dinosaur sculptures every few feet.  Right in the middle of the walkway.  I walk past 4 of them and then i get to a seal.  It stops me in my tracks.  It doesn’t belong but it’s so beautiful.  I hold its head in my hands and lean in close to look at the artistic details.  When I move in close the seal moves too.  It becomes real. It snuggles into me, warm and happy.  I laugh and love.