sitting on a long couch with several others.  a man enters the room with a gift bag and sits down at the opposite end.  he pulls out the gift inside and asks us for our opinion.  it’s a collection of three perfumes with nature names, sea mist and such.  he says he got them for his girlfriend and he knows they’re perfect for her because she doesn’t like girly things and these are outdoorsy.  he asks what else he should get for her.  I wrinkle my nose at the perfumes, hating them before i even smell them.  “why, if you say she doesn’t like “girly” things are you giving her a feminine version of what you consider masculine?” i go on a rant.  telling him i do not always understand or appreciate traditionally “feminine” gifts but i enjoy many many things outside of that narrow description.  i list several things i enjoy that wouldn’t fit into the girly category.  when i get to “i enjoy running my fingers over raised-relief maps, going on an adventure to see the places i know by touch, standing there admiring geographical diversity” i am cut off with a kiss. a woman has leaned over the man next to me as well as Mo.  soon Mo joins us and with two extra tongues in my mouth i consider unhinging my jaw and swallowing them both, consuming pleasure.  instead, after a long while, i pull back, remembering where i am.  we go back to my first childhood house and i close my bedroom door, apologizing for not having a lock but knowing we won’t need it.
slithering to work.  the sidewalk is deliciously cool.  a woman walking behind me is horrified and the shock and confusion of it makes me remember that i’m no longer a snake.  i’m a woman in a hospital gown and it takes me several seconds to remember how to use my arms and legs to awkwardly pick myself up.
Psyche tells me “that was intense last night.”  i don’t know how many people witnessed the couch scene but i doesn’t matter.  i’m not ashamed.  “it was.” i tell her.  she says she left something for me downstairs, it’s a new physical joke she learned.  she asks me “how do you find a fountain?” i don’t know.  the answer is downstairs.  she says she knows i’ll love it.  i go into the basement and steer into the kitchen where i find a mug full of ice water she has left for me on the island  behind it is the faucet.  is that what she meant by fountain?  i don’t get the joke but the water is refreshing.  i look around for clues.  there is a book of improv but when i open it it’s only sports scores and dozens of pieces of black plasticware fall out of the binder.
i go to work/school.  we’ve changed floors and i don’t hit 24 in time.  so we go up to 26 before we go back down.  i’m still wearing the hospital gown but at least i’ve got pants on now.  Mo is with me.  she tells me, “i smell jeans.”