The first time I go to the doctor, I see him sitting behind a teller’s pane at the hospital’s concierge desk.  Jonas, from Sense8.  He’s helping someone but i notice that his eyes follow me.
The second time I go, he is upstairs in my doctor’s office.  He asks me what I need and I tell him that i’m looking for the sign-in sheet but i’m legally blind and it takes me a minute to spot the white paper on the white counter top.  When I slide it over I notice it’s full of signatures with no space for mine.  I hold it up to him, “Excuse me, this sheet is full.” He asks, “So what do you need?” I’m annoyed. “I need a new sheet.” “Good” he says the way a man congrats a dog.  When I sign in he gives me my forms and tells me in a sing-song patronizing way, “I’ve written in here, that you’re smart. Very smart.” I look where he’s printed the word “smart” next to “Status:”  He’s one of those fuckers that thinks blind means stupid.  I hate him.  I snatch my forms away from him and go to the waiting room. Where it asks for height and weight i scrunch tiny letters together to write a list of my crimes against those who have wronged me and the fines i happily paid to get away with it.