some kind of fair or block party.  there is a xeroxed giant bee floating in the sky and a sign saying to watch for the doofus dad.  people bring lawn chairs to watch.  sure enough, as a crowd runs away toward the parking lot, a man in a fishing hat carrying chairs and a cooler runs straight into the only tree.  it’s a good laugh.

in a ground floor apartment.  bickering with my ex.  how the fuck did i get stuck with him again?  we did this already. this is some shitty time loop.  our landlord announces that two apartments have opened up.  i ask if one of them has a lake view and he says it does. we’ve just moved in but i already want out.  he takes me to the apartment.  it’s connected to his place and feels a little skeevy.  the floors are like the farmhouse in coleta.  cold, unforgiving cement under thin brown carpet.  the bedroom is huge, half the size of the house.  he opens the curtains a little to show me the view.  it’s the lake but there are pipes and bridge like structures visible just above the water’s surface.  the water is green like in the alien canal dreams. “how long have you guys had a working viaduct?” he asks me.  i tell him that it’s been a while.  i saw an exhibit on it as the museum of science and industry.  but i mix up the words so it’s the science of the museum and industry.  “the red line was built around it.” i tell him.  and in my head i see the train as a roller coaster, the way it’s been in so many dreams.  white rails and new clean plexiglass at the platform villages.  the library is on the second floor. i remember.