in my apartment that i have now, but it’s much larger and near the top of a skyscraper.  the lights flicker and we hear sirens.  it’s a tornado warning.  i look outside and see three funnels from the same cloud.  they’re spindly and far away.  i think we’re not in danger but then i seen another forming.  it’s much bigger, darker, and closer.  it’s going to hit us.  i panic for a moment wondering if i should warn the preschool downstairs or get my pets to safety.  but i know what it wants.  the tornado comes into my place, perfectly spliced.  it does not tear the ceiling or floor but is a powerful beast between them.  i sit on my knees and watch it sniff out my writing.  i let it get close and then pull the metal file tray out of harms way.  i do this repeatedly, careful not to touch the spinning wind.  i crawl backwards leading it through my place, sliding my folders in the tray a little at a time, until finally it has made it all the way across my place and passes through the wall and back outside.  i heave a sigh of relief.  my assistant tells me that it’s good i kept moving those files, it could have destroyed them.  “it could have destroyed me!” i exclaim feeling the weight of the moment.  i run downstairs to see my sister and the preschool kids.  she says everyone is fine.  it didn’t reach all the way down to their floor.  they didn’t even know it was here.