i made it through to the finals of American Ninja Warrior fairly easily.  there were five of us competing, 3 women and 2 men.  i suspected that this round was made intentionally easy so that a few chicks would make it through for ratings, but it turned out that i was the only one of all of us to make it through.  after i had finished the course i got disoriented and somehow ended up climbing the ladder to an obstacle and looking down at water.  i didn’t want to get wet.  i apologized to the kids behind me playing on the course now that trials were over.  they moved aside and got off the ladder so i could climb back down.  i could do the media circuit but i just wanted to go back to reading my book.  i went into some sort of lounge area and sat next to a friend on a love seat.  a mutual friend was sitting in a swivel chair opposite us.  he didn’t say much.  none of us did.  but then the friend next to me starts telling a story.  and as she tells the story, i realize she is reciting a chapter from the book i am reading from memory.  when she gets to the part where they describe the sky, she nudges me to make sure i’m paying attention and reaches her hand up and makes a motion with her index finger saying “the sky was so solidly slate gray that i was sure i could touch it.  i reached up to it and moved my finger tip through the air, slicing the side of Our Lord.”
we smiled huge grins at each other and began chatting excitedly.  our friend was not impressed.